Ideas that Make a Difference

“I realize there are many programs for top executives out there but if you want to choose the best one, go to the CEO Academy in conjunction with the Wharton School. The take home value is extraordinary.”

Maggie Wilderotter

Chairperson – DocuSign

“The CEO Academy is far and away the best immersion course for sitting CEOs and succession candidates out there. Its content is relevant, timely, and powerful. It is a program that is ‘worth its salt.’ “

Ed Breen

Executive Chairperson – DuPont

“For me, the CEO Academy is ‘a must program’ for CEOs dealing with the ever-changing governance and investor landscape. I have served as a panelist discussing investor issues but stuck around after speaking and I’ve learned a ton beyond the investor landscape just sitting in the room with a world class group of executives from around the globe.”

Bill McNabb

Former Chairman and CEO – Vanguard

“The CEO Academy provides corporate executives and directors with a unique and very special venue in which to exchange knowledge and insights about today’s most pressing business issues with Wharton’s top-rated research faculty and the nation’s foremost business leaders.”

Emilie Feldman

Professor of Management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania